Rabu, 27 April 2011

what I love from organisations :D

hollaaa everybody!!

I want to share some of my happiness about being organisator

1) I got many many friends :)
first year as college's student :) Anti Tobacco's day

have a wonderful beloved leader>Alfiatur Rizki (ketua senat Generasi Action)


 family of Medical Emergency Team aka TDM

2. share or discuss "something" :p

3) etc. hahahaha
     best thing about organisation is you should manage your own time, how much time for -such a- bored meeting, busy handled an event, or somekind trouble between you and someone in it. of course make STUDY as first PRIORITY, as I through up and down in my result :D
I also learned how to keep team work, team building , management and lots. hope they'll help me someday, in real life :)

I dont know whether stay or join some organisation like IDI or specialist association for next years, I think I should better take care of my own business :)
thanks for all organisations that you taught me many things I didnt get in my lecture, house and daily life